Home to one of the greatest civilizations to have thrived

The trip

Have you ever wondered what Luxor in Egypt is like and do you also dream of seeing the majestic and mysterious tombs and other attractions. Well don't worry this tour along the nile will take you through major attractions in different stops along the Nile river.
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Temples of Karnak

When traveling to Egypt, you should not miss the temples of Karnak it is said to be the heart of Egyptian religion, all gods in the civilization was represented over a time of 2,000 yrs. The temple is huge, measuring 1500 by 800 meters,and is a spectacular complex of obelisks and sanctuaries all dedicated to the Theban Gods.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

When traveling to Egypt most people first go to Egypt. Within the museum is over 120,000 artifiacts the, displaying Ancient Egypt’s glorious reign. Inside the museum you can enjoy the mummies, pottery, jewellery, sarcophagi and also of course King Tut’s treasures. These include his socks, the mask and oddly enough his underwear. The museum may seem weird but it is worth a visit because you’ll definitely enjoy it nevertheless.

Valley of Kings

The Valley of the Kings is in the ancient site of Thebes where the pharaohs were buried and thought to meet the gods in the afterlife. This is also where you can find King Tut’s tomb. You visit to go inside the tomb but you’ll have to go to the Egyptian museum in Cairo to see the treasures they were buried with. In the Valley of kings Tut was a minor king in the valley and there are many larger and more impressive tombs to discover in the Valley of the Kings.