Tommy Hilfiger

by Cole Thompson

Timeline of Tommy

Tommy was born on March 24th, 1951. Born Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, second of 9 children, in Elmira, New York.

Jefferson-Lewis-Hamilton-Herkimer-Oneida BOCES, Elmira Free Acadamy are the two places he got his education.

He began his fashion career as a high school student, opening his own store.

Tommy later married his first wife who was a co-worker at his store. They split up after 20 years, Tommy, now in his second marriage.

Tommy's Style

Tommy was best known for his distinct color combination and arrangement. The blue-red-and white rectangular logo.

He says he loves sailing and yachts and wanted to use nautical flag.

Tommy wanted to reconstruct the preppy look by using bright, bold colors.

Because of this he won the CFDA award.


Tommy Hilfiger would go under the classification of better. His clothes sell at Macy's, they are high end, but are ready-to-sell.

Tommy doesn't just sell men and women's wear, but shoes, hats and other accessories, perfume and cologne.

3 important things

  1. Even though as the decades went on, Tommy's style didn't change with the fads from each decade.
  2. He wanted to keep the preppy look, even though Snoop Dogg wore a Tommy Hilfiger t shirt and people thought that his style was evolving, but it wasn't. He wanted to stick to his roots.
  3. Tommy, at a young age, wanted to be involved with fashion. He influenced his classmates by buying bell bottoms and designing them.