Tuesday Tech Tip

How To Set Your Computer To Lock When Unattended

Times may arise when we walk away from our computer, only to realize we left our computer logged on and we did not lock our screen.

Our AUP advises us to protect our password and login information. This includes access to our login when we are away from the machine. Follow these quick steps to make sure you are always protected. (Many of you do this now, but this is such an important thing to do, I wanted to repeat this Tech Tip!)

In addition to locking manually by pressing the Windows Key and "L", you can let the Screen Saver do all the work for you!


1. From the desktop, right-mouse click and click on PERSONALIZE.
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2. Choose Screen Saver from the window which appears.
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3. Click on the ON RESUME DISPLAY LOGON SCREEN BOX and choose a Wait Time from the menu provided - I chose 3 minutes. I also like the BUBBLES Screen Saver, but you can select any of them.

4. Click APPLY and OK and your screen saver is set.

5. After the time idle, you screen saver will lock your screen, protecting it. You will then put in your password to resume.

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If you like to see this in a VIdeo Form, here is a short YouTube that guides you through the process.
Windows® 7: Set Screen saver