Science Adventure Program

Students attended the Science Adventure Program as part of our unit on survival skills.

We learned about how animals adapt to survive. We also learned about the “Rules of 3″ (shelter in 3 hours, water in 3 days and food in 3 weeks). We were taught how to build a lean-to shelter , how to filter water , and how to start a fire using flint and steel. Students said what they enjoyed the most was starting the fire to roast marshmallows!

Engage in meaningful, hands-on activities as you explore Art, Theatre and STEM!

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The homeschool provides the content for skill development in literacy and numeracy while we engage students in discovery, practice, and inquiry in Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, and STEM studies. Typically, these are the most challenging for homeschool families to offer. We value creativity, collaboration, hands-on experiences, and growth.