Duty to Accommodate

Union School Project 2012-2013


- disclosure to employer is individual choice
- if the member chooses not to disclose then no accommodations
- if member chooses not to disclose and becomes involved in a situation the Board's only recourse is discipline
- challenging for Federation to support member if they do not disclose

Member and Board Responsibility

-members must inform the Board of the accommodation
-members work with the Board to ensure work accommodations meet the needs of the member
-Board is to ensure that accommodations are met in the workplace or various workplaces

Duty to Accommodate

-accommodation based on disability, the employee may be required to supply medical documentation
-doctor does not dictate appropriate accommodations
-employer's duty to accommodate the employees needs
-call and work with a local Federation Released Officer to facilitate reasonable accommodations
-must accommodate unless can prove undue hardship
Duty to Accommodate

Teacher: York Region Local

Executive Member, Teacher and Activist.