June 2014 Success Report

The Charming Dotties

Summer Time & The Living Is Easy!

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far and from the stories I've heard and reports I've seen, you're working your business right alongside your summer... which is why I LOVE the flexibility and fabulousness of this job! Thankful we get to live in a country where we have the opportunity to define our own success & happiness!

Let me know what your SUMMER WHY & GOALS are! kelliannrobinson@hotmail.com and let's map out a plan to get you there!

JUNE 2014 Combined Team Sales

As a TEAM we sold....

If you sold one pair of earrings, had a trunk show or 4 trunk shows, or beat your best in sales... you were a part of that!!!


Kim Hardin promoted to Senior Stylist

Amanda Byrne Re-promoted to STAR Stylist!

Congratulations AMANDA! You are shining SOO bright as a STAR!!! Exactly where you belong! We are so proud of you and your growing team both in the US & Ireland!

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Look at all that you achieved!

Top 10 in Sales for June 2014

Kelli Robinson $6502

Amanda Byrne $6117

Kimberly Hardin $3325

Jaime Holocher $2612

Dorrie Brennan $2611

Sue O'Callaghan $2324

Meghan Heuring $2302

Gemma Rockett $2295

Jeanne Salazar $2150

Kacey Roder $2030

Hit 1500 PCV (aka sold at least $2308 retail) & earned their 30% Commission!

Whohoo! Bigger Paychecks!!

Kelli Robinson

Amanda Byrne

Kimberly Hardin

Jaime Holocher

Dorrie Brennan

Sue O'Callaghan

Top in Qualified Sponsoring

Kim Hardin - 2 New Qualified Stylists

Amanda Byrne - 1 New Qualified Stylist

Qualified (Sold at least $500 retail -aka 325 PCV)

Christine Barth

Heidi Black

Patricia Brennan

Amanda Byrne

Joanna Collins

Shelly Culbertson

Melissa DeGroat

Marianne Diels

Michelle Duprey

Gina Engel

Denice Febbraro

Alexandrea Garza

Kimberly Hardin

Meghan Heuring

Barbara Hoagland

Jaime Holocher

Brittany Jensen

Kristy Jones

Jacquelyn Kallam

Sabrina Kaufman

Nicole Kleppe

Shirley Kleppe

Megan Lally

Brandi Lawrey

Jodi Markwood

Brenda Mcgeever

Sue O'Callaghan

Gemma Rockett

Kacey Roder

Julie Ryan Lynch

Jeanne Salazar

Shannon Sandberg

Andrea Scheele

Deborah Schoenherr

Susan Sparks

Jenifer Spiga

Amelia Srugis

Terri-Ann Stuart-Trainor

Kathleen Wolney

Amber Yaklin

Welcome NEWEST Stylists!

We welcomed 4 NEW Stylists to the Charming Dotties in June!

Emily Driggers of Port Clinton, OH (Sponsor: Marianne Diels)

Tracie Sandheinrich of Smithton, IL (1st time Sponsor!!! Meghan Heuring)

Meghan Kreher of Freeburg, IL (Sponsor: Meghan Heuring!)

Lian Kollin of Troy, MI (Sponsor: Sue O'Callaghan)

Splash Incentive LEVEL ONE achievers (so far)!

Jaime Holocher

Kacey Roder

Kelly Miller

Nicole Kleppe

Sabrina Kaufman

Carrie Chung

Brenda McGeever

Splash Incentive LEVEL TWO achievers

Amber Yaklin

Kathleen Wolney

Kimberly Hardin

Patricia Brennan

Megan Lally

Shelly Culbertson

Natalie Emerson

Sue O'Callaghan

Splash Incentive LEVEL THREE achievers

Amanda Byrne
Kelli Robinson

..... and speaking of INCENTIVES!!!

Have you heard? Our next GLAM GETAWAY earning period has begun!
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Attend a local FALL RALLY near you!

Detroit Metro Post-Hoopla Rally & New line preview Party at our NEW location!

The Fall Rally is set!! JULY 22nd at our new swanky location in Birmingham!

Start inviting teammates and guests now!!

RSVP HERE: http://bit.ly/1iZgxke
**Advanced purchase ticket discount!

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