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This newsletter focuses on various maps and mapping activities. Using maps in the classroom give students the opportunity to experience and see places around the world without actually visiting them. Virtual field trips can take place using maps; students can research different countries or continents to find out the physical and human geography and presentations can be created by having students build tours of a particular area.

Geography Maps

  • My Maps: Students can create custom maps and share them online.
  • Google Earth: Lets you go anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, 3D buildings and street views.
  • Maps showing various physical (Land Cover, Vegetation, Climate, Plate Tectonics) and human (Demographics, Economy, Human Development) Geography.
  • A heat-map showing the most photographed locations in the world.
  • Panoramio: Discovering the World through photos.
  • Google Art Project: Explore art, galleries and museums through Google Art Project.
  • Street View Collections: View sites with 360 degree images on Google Maps and Street View.

Tour Builder

A way for students to put together a presentation showing places around the world using Google Earth. Tour Builder lets students pick locations on the map, where they can explain the location, add photos and videos to their project.

Tour Builder Link

Local Perspectives on Global News

Use the "Newspaper Map" to find daily local news and events taking place around the world. This is a great tool for current events, also having students read articles in different languages.

Real World Math - Featuring Google Earth has a variety of math activities and lessons designed for students to use Google Earth.

Geography Mapping Activities

GeoGuessr: Geography game using Street View images that drop players in a random place and the player has to guess the location.

Smarty Pins: Google Maps trivia game

GeoSettr: Create a street view Geography Game. Two screens will appear, a map with a pegman on your left and the street view imagery for the pegmans current location on the right.

Capital Toss: For grades 3-5 students match States and Countries with their capital cities.

Build with Chrome: Google Maps with Legos

Google Night Walk: Explore the city of Marseille, France at night!

College Road Trip with Street View: A virtual tour of colleges using Street View.

Teacher's Using Technology in the Classroom

MACUL - Friday March 20th

Just a friendly reminder: All staff will be attending MACUL Friday March 20th.

Here is a link to the sessions offered Friday

Below is information Fr. Joe has sent regarding the conference Friday.

March 20, Friday of Irish Week, is a professional development day for faculty. All teachers are registered and paid to attend MACUL (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning). Most sessions run from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (although some sessions begin at 8:00and one session runs until 3:30). Most sessions are one hour; some are longer. There are 45-50 one hour sessions offered in each time slot so there should be a few in each of the four slots that appeal to each teacher.

Please bring or buy your lunch (personal expense) at Cobo Hall as there is no designated time slot for lunch but there are 30 minutes between the sessions. All teachers are expected to be at MACUL for the whole day. While the day is a significant expense for the school, we value you and we value your professional development.

If you would like the no hassle way of traveling to/from Cobo Hall, please plan to ride the bus which will leave school at 7:15 and leave Cobo at2:15. If you choose to car pool with others, the school will pay for your reasonable parking cost at/near Cobo. I realize some people may need to drive on their own but it will help our finances, if you are not riding the bus, and want to be reimbursed for parking, that you would carpool with others.

Please sign up as soon as possible to ride the bus. You can do that by emailing or or stop by the office to let them know.

Melissa York - Technology Integration Specialist

Feel free to "book me" at the following website or contact me if you would like for me to help incorporate technology enriched lessons into your classroom and curriculum.