Linden's Bucket list

April 2014

#1 Skydiving

I want to go skydiving in Southern California because it looks really fun! the bad thing is I hate heights. As i fall to the ground i would see the ocean whi
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#2 Color Run

I want to do the color run in Austin Texas because its for a good cause and its fun people throw paint at you while you run! the sandy road is eroding the rocks around the track when the wind blows
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#3 Hunting in Africa

I want to go hunting in Africa because I want to to kill a rhino or lion! the wind makes beautiful hills and cool cut outs on rocks from the wind picking up the sand!
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#4 Go to California!

I would love too go and see the beautiful landscaping and enjoy seeing the rocks that have been eroding over 100 of years

#5 Go deep water fishin!

I want to go deep water fishing because it would be sooooo much fun and the water would be beautiful eating away at the rocks and trees in the water! (Erosion)