Americans In Space

American Space Exploration By Paul Harris

Why was this topic important to space exploration?

This topic was important to space exploration because America beat Russia in the space race and kept Russia from using Nuclear weapons to strike America with.

What is the purpose of this topic?

The purpose of Americans in space is so that we can learn more about space and so that we beat thee Russians in the space race.

What was invented or discovered?

Spacecraft was invented and space travel was discovered.

Who were the important people/animals/devices?

Important people like Alan Shepard and Neil Armstrong, animals like the chimpanzees, and spacecraft like the Mercurys and Apollos made space exploration possible.

Which countries were involved?

United States and Russia

What were the important “Firsts”?

Explorer 1 Satellite

John Glenn - First to orbit the Earth

Edward White - First "Space Walk"

Apollo 11 - First lunar landing

Neil Armstrong - First man to walk on the moon

Columbia - First spaceship with wings

What technology was involved?

Rocket Science using computers and engineering.

Any important places?

Kennedy Space Center

Houston Space Center

The Moon

Is it still important?

Yes! We may visit the Mars one day!

When was it discovered or began – end?

Space travel began when the Soviets launched their first satellite, Sputnik in 1957. It has not ended. Many countries work together on the International Space Station.

How does it affect us today?

We may need space travel in our future to learn more about our universe.

What can be next for this topic?

More research in traveling to Mars.

Any other important or interesting facts?

It took four million people to send one man to space!



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