Keven Garrnet

A Basketball Legend

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Every thing to know aubot keven!

K.G was born May 19,1976 and is now 1 of the most skilled and appreciated players in the world.As a lot of people already know he is extremely tall.He was 11 in. and 2.1 cm. tall.he is a good player but it takes practice and a dedicated coach.He even played on the summer Olympic basketball team and of coarse he won gold.NBA playoffs where easy.he recently got married to his old time girlfriend that is a super model sure enough their happy and Brandi Padilia is always there for him.Keven wasent just a good basketball player he was also a amazing bowler.Many people see him for learning strategies and entertainment, keven Garrnett is a world wide star and still is and still will.For some he is roll model but for others he's a hitoracol figure.

By: Siya Patel

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