3rd Grade Happenings

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Congratulations to these students for being named last week's HAWKS! Each week we are focusing on a different word and it's meaning in our lives. Last week was HONESTY. If students are caught applying the word at school, they can be nominated for that week. We draw every Friday. This week our work is ATTITUDE!
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100th Day of School

Friday, January 25, 2019 is our 100th day of school! We will be doing some fun activities to celebrate on Friday. One of them is a 'Mystery Bag' activity. These are being sent home with your children today. Please make sure to follow the instructions and return the bags on Friday for the activity!

Pizza Delivery

Pizza orders will be delivered to HPS THIS Friday, January 25th, sometime after 12:30. We never really know what time the truck will get here exactly...we plan to unload and sort the orders as soon as they arrive. Any parents available/willing to help out would be greatly appreciated! After orders are sorted and counted, parents will be able to take their orders for delivery. If you have a large order and your child is needed to help, they may leave early to help with delivery. Otherwise they will be expected to stay at school until 3. We ask that someone is available to pick up your entire order as we have minimal storage at school to keep the items frozen. Please pick up all orders by 3 if possible. Please let Mrs. Jordahl know if you have any questions/concerns or IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO PICK UP YOUR ORDER BY 3. THANK YOU to everyone who helped support our fundraiser!


Students are expected to read 100 minutes/week. Our next reading log is due Monday, January 28.

AR Goals

1/2 of the student's 3rd quarter AR goal needs to be met by Friday, February 1.
We are making quarter goals each quarter to help keep students on track!


Spelling words for the week of January 22: Words with Long o

most, coat, ago, hole, hello, cocoa, open, loaf, over, comb, toast, almost, boat, both, road, gold, CHALLENGE WORDS

Spelling words for the week of January 28: Words with /oo/

book, should, poor, full, took, stood, foot, cookies, cook, wood, shook, pull, sure, put, would, could


FYI-Important Information and Upcoming Events!

Thursday, January 31: NO HORIZONS PROGRAM!

Friday, February 25: Pizza Delivery Day! Please pick up your pizzas before 3:00.

Friday, February 15: Early release at 12:00.

Monday, February 18: Teacher workshop Day: NO SCHOOL!

Thursday, March 7: End of 3rd quarter.

Friday, March 8: NO SCHOOL

Monday, March 11: NO SCHOOL (Teacher Workshop Day)

Tuesday, March 19: 3/4 grade Wax Museum

Friday, March 22: Early release at 12:00.

Friday, April 5: Early release at 12:00.

Thursday, April 18-Monday, April 22: NO SCHOOL

Friday, May 3: 3/4th grade Lock In

Friday, May 17: Last day of school!