The Friar

Damein Justys Ashely Sam


marriage councilor

Need for occupation

In this time period shows that there was a lot of fighting/divorces, wanted/ went on.

Social Standing

Lower Class

Day to day life

fixes marriages, works anywhere he could make money

What modern day occupation corresponds?

Marriage councilor/detonator/beggar


Happy, festive, mellow, well-spoken marriage fixer, made his moneys worth, noble, friendly, had boundaries, honorable, heard confessions, priestly, special license, had patients, pleasant, easy-man, decently lives, gives gifts, gave a lot, repented, hard of heart, to smart to cry, prays, accepts silver, kept curling pins, gave knives to women, he sounded gay and strong, singer, singing champ, white neck, he was strong, he was a drinker. Knew the boys, in keepers, and barmaids. Knew them better than the lesser known, dignity didn't fit, deals with some lepers that are bad, slum-guttered dwellers, works anywhere where there is a profit, courteous and low serviced, hard to match gifts, he was a beggar, paid rent in a beggar-district, his "brothers" don't come, poor widows do, he was pleasant, got farthing from widow, he got paid before he left, the move he showed, he was on time, has "settling days", helpful for little money, cloistered scholar, hardly worth a dollar, worth that of a Dr. or Pope, worst than copying, taking in a lot, has a lot around him, casting shadows around him, he wants to be wanted, speaks English, played a harp and sang, he was admired, his eyes compared to stares in the sky, Hubert was his name.


236, 239, 242, 252, 256, 269, 276, 277


214, 218, 226, 256, 260, 279


Sweet talks, honest, string, sings, noble, mellow, and giving.

Spelling Variations

1. gay

2. wanton

3. palfrey

4. hurdy-gurdy

5. wretched lepers


He was one for begging for money. Also he was on time and a drinker.

Words Require Understanding

Hurdy-gurdy: instrument

Fartning: old coins

Settling days: out of court days of dispute settlements

Tippet: hood

Shrift: confession