Developing Pencil Grasp

Tips from an OT

What does a mature grasp look like?

The pencil held between the thumb and first 2-3 fingers, the space between thumb and index finger is open and the pencil is resting on the hand.

What about grippers? Some of my favorites:

Grotto Grip and Cross over Grip - try with students who hook thumb over their index finger or do not know quite where to place their fingers. These grips give an firm spot to place the thumb and index finger.

The Pencil Grip - the traditional type grip. Try with students who tuck their thumb under their index finger or if they have hand fatigue. This grip comes in a jumbo and regular size.


Frequently asked questions. What can I do if my student:

Uses a claw grip and/or holds their pencil straight up.

Try using a "wrist buddy". This can be easily made with hair ties. Add a small bead with yarn. The hair tie goes over the students wrist and loops around the pencil. The bead is held in the student's hand, with their last two fingers. These can be purchased also and are called "Handi Writers".