MHS ICT Update

Term 1 Week 9 2013

Get all the latest web tools and apps to further enhance your students' learning and increase your productivity.

Websites to check out

Studies of the impact of iPads and mobile devices on learning - This site has a collection of educational research studies on the impact of iPads on student learning and engagement. An excellent read for evidence-based practices.

10 fun tools to easily make infographics - 10 webtools for you and your students to present data in interesting and engaging ways

The Literacy Shed - This website is jam packed of literacy ideas that can be adapted to all KLAs. Resources include videos, animations and ebooks

Apps of the week

Heart Rate (free) - This app is for iPhones and iPods and it measures your heart rate by scanning the colour of your finger. Students can use their own mobile devices to measure their heart rate for science and PDHPE activities.

Solve the Outbreak (free) - An iPad game developed by the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, where students play a game as disease detectives to learn how diseases work and how to control mass outbreak of diseases. Great for science and PDHPE.

European Exploration: The Age of Discovery (free) - This iPad game lets students play the role of an European power exploring the New World in the 15th century. They can hire captains, build ships and plan voyages to explore the wonders of the New World. Great for History and maths (this game has a quite a lot of embedded consumer arithmetic)

ICT Professional Learning

Google Apps for Teachers Day

Saturday, April 27th 2013 at 9am

492 Princes Highway

Gymea, NSW

A day designed for teachers for discover how to get the most out of Google Apps for Education. Held at Gymea Technology High School on April 27. Cost is free but you have to pay $22.19 to cover the cost of catering. Please go through MHS’ processes of applying to attend PL if you wish to attend.

Need help or advice?

If you need help or advice in embedding technology in your classroom, please make time with Alice or Ben.

Have an awesome week and Easter

From Alice and Ben