Ivan Toribio's Dream Vacation

Hawaii Fact's

Q1: Hawaii

Q2: In the Pacific Ocean in the U.S

Q3: I want to visit it because it's nice and beautiful. Sometimes someone needs a break.

Q4: My destination is great because other states have so much pollution when Hawaii doesn't have alot. Plus, it's nice and relaxing.

10 Interesting Facts:

1. Hawaii was the 50th state admitted to the u.s.

2. Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee.

3. Hawaii was made by volcanoes.

4. Hawaii has it's own time zone.

5. Hawaii is home to the world's largest wind generator.

6. Hawaii is the only state with islands.

7. Hawaii comes from the proto-polynesia word hwaiki

8. Hawaiian language has only 12 letters.

9. Tourism is famous for Hawaii's income

10. The life expectancy for Hawaiians is 80 years old.


1. 8 hours and 30 minutes

2. 3,518 miles That is long as heck.

3. No one just me so I can chill and relax.

4. Plane from H town.

5. One Week 7 days.


Q1. Honolulu, Hawaii Hilton Hawaiian Waikiki Village.

Q2. It's nice and beautiful and it got lots of reviews saying it was good.

Q3. Clothes, Sunblock, Glasses, Money, Gear, Phone, Laptop.


Q1: 980$ For the airplane tickets.

Q2: I will spend 245$ a night

Q3: 550$ for spending money or for shopping spree.

Q4: 400$ for food

Q5: 250$ for travel.

Q6: 1000$ for airfare.

Q7: 500$ For gas because I am going to use a impala 2015.


Q1: Scuba dive, Swim, Riding in the water park, Spa.

Q2: They say they have a basketball court so im going to ball in there.

Also I can fishing and they have a beach next to them where I can swim.

Q3. This place is beautiful and nice and I don't get stressed out there. Drink some coconuts, dance with the grass skirt and surf.

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