Barclay Bulletin

June 5, 2022

Visitor Update

You may have seen the Superintendent's e-mail Friday regarding visitors being allowed back in the buildings. For many families, this brings up the question of eating lunch with students over the final twelve days of school. I wanted to take this opportunity to communicate to Barclay families that we have limited space available in the building due to the additional classes that were added this year. Our Family Cafe is not available for lunch. We do have seating available in our gazebo courtyard on days when the weather cooperates, just know that seating is limited to our two picnic tables.

If you wish to come in and have lunch, please do so when the weather is pleasant. We will not be able to accommodate seating in other locations. Members of the family will be able to eat together, students will not be able to bring a friend to eat outside in the courtyard.

Adults entering the building must bring identification to be scanned in our Raptor system, and must wear their stickers until they are checked out by our office staff. We will connect families with their students, and adults should plan to bring the students back to the office so that they may be reunited with their class at the conclusion of the lunch period.

Senior Walk

The Barclay Office will be closed for a short time on Friday as we celebrate our graduating Senior Class on the Senior Walk. If you plan to pick students up from school on Friday, there may be a window where it will be difficult to release students from the office. In addition, there may be some traffic stoppage on campus during the walk. Please try to adjust any plans to avoid the campus area between 1:00 - 2:00. While the Senior Walk will not take all of that time to complete, there may be disruptions to our typical operations during this time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the office via phone or e-mail (you may find that contact information below).