for the week of January 13, 2014

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Language Arts

Word Wall words: review / district Primary Spelling Inventory assessment
Phonics skill: long a with a silent e continued
make, take, gave, came, name, game, state, shake
more challenging words: statement, dislocate, placecard, temperature
proper nouns, author's "big idea", l, s, and r blends
sequencing events / writing activity "How to Make a Snowman"

Read alouds this week:
The Biggest Best Snowman
The Snowman
What Day Is it Today?
Snowmen at Night
Sadie and the Snowman

Don't forget:
On Fridays we will begin having a sentence dictation form of assessment for the words indicated above. These will include word wall words and the phonetic skill indicated. Please help your child review the words for the week. We had some technology setbacks this week that impacted our instructional time and lessons, so I am going to spend another week on the words from last week and we will do our first dictation THIS Friday, January 17.


*Relate informal language to mathematical language and symbols
*Use tools such as real objects, manipulatives and technology to solve problems
*Use the relationship of addition to solve subtraction problems
*Identify events as certain or impossible

Science / Social Studies

This week we will have a lesson with Mrs. McBride our counselor.

We will be discussing the effects of winter weather related to: scarcity, map skills, weather related terms such as white out and freezing.
We will continue discussing the characteristics of the season.


Yikes! The cold temperatures and rainy weather really affected our recess last week .... which in turn, affected our behavior! We faced some challenges with talking and did a mini lesson reviewing what a transition (changing from one activity to another) should look and sound like. We have a great, full class (currently 21 students) and this creates a little bit more of a "cozy" feel to our seating arrangements, which increases the temptation to chat! Please reinforce any notes I might have to write in your child's folder at home. Thank you for your support!

It's hard to believe we are almost at the mid year point. Individual reading assessments will begin soon. It would be a great idea to have your child practice retelling the story from his or her reading homework. We created an anchor chart to help us remember what we should include. I posted a picture of it above.

Due to the individual assessments we will not be having reading groups as much in the coming 2 weeks. Your child may have homework that includes a book we have not introduced in guided reading. We are at a critical stage with many readers at this age when it comes to developing fluency. Please continue to work on sight words and reinforcing the decoding strategies we have introduced if you can sense your child is not pretty easily reading the books we are sending home. It is also very helpful for them to read the nightly homework book more than once to develop the fluency, work on their phrasing and accuracy.

Monday, January 20 will be a school holiday
in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. School will resume on Tuesday, January 21.