Camp Pre-K News

Ms. Summer and Ms. Lori

October 15, 2015


Reader's Workshop

Tuesday, we began the week with My "r" book by Jane Belk.

Our Bible story for the week was about David and Goliath and we learned that David had to "Be strong and courageous" when he fought Goliath even when everyone else was too scared.

Social Studies

Thursday, we began reading Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill by Jamie Harper. This is a sweet little book about when all of the students in Miss Mingo's class have to face their fears and practice what Miss Mingo and Chief Grizzly teach what to do when their is a fire drill.

We were also able to visit with a couple of our community helpers, a fireman and an EMT! They gave us some helpful tips on what to do in case of a fire and who to call! Some of us had no idea that they were Moms and Dads and had kids!

We ended our week and early release day with Kinsley's birthday celebration! This was our first birthday celebration for this school year!


The number for this week was 2, "Around the track and back, two, two, two!" They are really doing a great job on their number pages each week!


With race cars, rice, ramps, and a Royals win, our "r" week was pretty exciting! One of the activities that the class really enjoyed was "Does it Roll"? The kids were shown a series of objects and they had to make a "hypothesis" about whether or not that object would roll down our ramp! It was pretty impressive to see there brains working hard when we slid the flat part of a cylinder down the ramp a opposed to rolling it down on it's side!

Writer's Workshop

We are continuing with our "frog jump" series in our teaching order.

This week started off handwriting with the letter "R". We only have two letters left in this series where the students have to "frog jump" back to the top in order to finish the letter.

Wednesday, we learned that R2-D2 LOVES the Royals! Not only was this a cool craft, but the class REALLY had to use their listening skills, counting skills, and fine motor skills to complete this craft! We loved how they turned out!


October 28: Fall Party (No costumes please)

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