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In The News... July 29, 2016

We had a fun week at WSES. The kids did great with building their stamina for Daily 5. We introduced Work on Writing this week and we were able to work through our stations for 12 minutes. We decided to throw in some creativity and technology this week. I emailed out to you guys our voicethread we made for Guess Who. The kids LOVED creating each part of this project; from describing themselves, to using construction paper to make their faces and then the iPad to create our game on voicethread. The best part was recording our voices and hearing what we sounded like. We tried to trick Mrs. Ratliff this morning, but she was too good. She guessed who each kid was except for one. If you missed the email with the link don't worry, I have added it below. Check it out. It's so much fun to try and guess!

We had a great time yesterday at Sunni Sky's. I know that 4:45 was not the best time for everyone and hopefully the next social will be better for all. We missed everyone who couldn't be there.

Overall we have had a really great start to our year. I am looking forward to tracking in after our break and getting into our routine quickly. You have some great boys and girls!

Track out packets went home yesterday. They are optional, but I do encourage you to have your child read over break and to play around with the websites. We will be using them when we track back in so having them familiar with how to use them will help a lot.

I really hope you all have a super break and enjoy time with your family. I will be busy the next 2 weeks getting my daughter ready for college. She heads off to UNCW on Aug. 13th. I can't believe it... boy, does time fly!

Take care and I will see you all back on Aug. 22nd =)

~Ms. Gower


  • Read & Respond Blog- Don't forget to have your child post at least 3 books he/she read over track out on our blog. He/she will earn lunch with me on the first Friday we track back in if they participate.

  • Math Stumper- Check out the Math Stumper on our class site too. See if your child can solve it. There's a treat if they do =)

  • Have a great break!

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