5 Types of Drugs by Ben Morgan

They effects on our bodies and how they are harmful


1. Speeds up the central nervous system.

2. Use of this drug will most likely lead to a strong addiction.

Example- Crystal Meth, Caffeine, Cocaine

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1. Slows down central nervous system.

2. Causes confusion, depression, and death.

Example- Alcohol, Rohypnol, Tranquilizers

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1. Dull senses and relieves pain.

2. Nausea an easy addiction

Example- Heroin, Morphine, Advil

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1. Alters perceptions, thoughts, and mood

2. Dehydation, sweating, and death

Example- LSD, PCP, Shrooms

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1. Causes lightheadedness

2. Dizziness

Example- Gasoline, Paint

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