5 Themes of Austin

by Tryne Vander Straten


One person was sent to the hospital with minor injuries on Thursday afternoon when a car crashed into a building, near the intersection of Gregg Manor Road and East U.S. 290. This represents relative location because it does not state an exact address, but instead a general area and location where the accident occured.
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Austin is well-known for its live music, as it is the live music capital of the world, which means there is bound to be some good musical talents floating around the city. The ACL Fest features many of these talented groups of musicians, such as Luella and the Suns, a soulful, Nashville-based band formed in 2011. Austin is famous for featuring rising stars like Luella and the Suns, and the music holds a major part in the culture of the city.
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The Lake Travis area and many towns and cities nearby it are currently affected by a severe drought, which is causing lake levels to drop drastically. Not only that, but water is becoming more and more scarce in central Texas, causing much of the area's small amount of topsoil to dry out, and much of the region is very, very dry.
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In May, construction began on new express ways added to MoPac called Loop 1. The idea is to make new express ways for drivers to get across town more quickly, and this idea can relate to the theme of movement because more roadways leading in and out of the city usually means more people from different places coming in and out from the city, and the express ways could also help with transportation of goods.
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Human-Environment Interaction

In March The Austin Habitat for Humanity organization set out to build new homes for residents who can't easily afford rent and home prices, and with the help of the community, they'll be able to accomplish their mission. Although this is good news for the Austin home buyers' market, it's cutting down on natural resources. With new homes popping up, organisms will have to be moved from their original homes to other places in order to be able to fit new homes. So while this is good for humans, it's not exactly great for the habitats that are being built on.
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