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Baby diaper brands BinBin

Baby diaper brands BinBin is always a good choice for your baby

BINBIN with upgraded absorbency, produced from inspected high quality raw materials, is granted with the certificate of health safety by Vietnam Directorate for Standards and Quality.

Please follow the contact information below for more information:

Mrs. Huong Nguyen
Export Manager
Phone: (84) 989051562

Mr. Quan Vo
Export Sale Representative
Phone: (84) 909858509

More details of our products:

Product features

- Super absorbent core : Fast absorb to help baby sleep well.
- Silky top sheet : Soft non-woven and ventilated to make baby feel comfortable.
- Adhesive tapes : Fit baby's waist more fastened.
- Frontal tape : stick adhesive tapes several times and to be comfortable to fit with baby’s size.
- Leg cuff : Soft, comfortable, fit gently to baby's legs to help baby more actively and prevent the liquid from flowing out of diaper.
- Leak guard : to protect against leakage.
- Backsheet : printed cloth-like, soft and ventilated.

- Available sizes : S/M/L/XL with small and large packet.