visit kyoto


if you wanted to see a thousand maple trees, you should go to Kyoto. The landforms are mountains, rivers, and there’s beaches. It’s humid in the summers and it’s very cold in the winters. We are nine hours ahead of Kyoto. It’s located in the Kansai region as well as a major part of the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe. Kyoto is by the Sea of Japan and by the Pacific Ocean. Kyoto is also in the west of Japan.

human/enviorment interactions

Some natural resources are copper, iron ore, and steel. The cleanness in Kyoto is higher than the pollution. Fishing in Kyoto is called cormorant fishing. They use birds to catch the fish and they reuse the birds. The make a fire in a basket to be able to see and for the birds to catch fish.


They made $400 billion from tourists that go to Kyoto. Some people in the United States say it is the world’s best city. The main industry is electronics and Nintendo is made in Kyoto.
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