Ms. Smith's Fourth Grade Newsletter

September 2015


Students have been:

  • Reviewing the base-ten place value system
  • Writing numbers up to 1 million using standard form, word form, and expanded form
  • Using place value drawings to help conceptualize numbers and understand the relative sizes of place values

Students also have access to a software application called Front Row. This adaptive program is designed to help students practice mathematical skills that are at their own personal levels. This program is used as an optional extension in class, but it can also be used AT HOME! I will be sending home information about how you and your 4th grader can get started!


Students have learned the importance of having a growth mindset. With a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.

In class we:

- Celebrate and learn from mistakes

- Study how the brain works

- Embrace challenge

- Give our best effort

I will be sending more information home with your student in their take-home folder!

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Sept. 11th – Spirit Day

Sept. 22nd – Student Picture Day

Sept. 24th – Watch DOGS Kickoff (6:30-8:00)

Oct. 2nd – Fabulous Fun Fitness Friday

Oct. 9th – Spirit Day

Oct. 13th – PTO meeting (5:30-6:30)

Oct. 16th – NO SCHOOL

Oct. 20th – 4th Grade Music Program (7:00)