I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think

Socrates is trying to say that people cannot teach anyone anything. You can only put ideas and information into their heads, but you cannot force anyone to learn anything. These ideas and information in that individual's head could make them think about it. After thinking about something for a long time it becomes stuck in your head, this means that you have learned it. Socrates was a very wise man and he knew that you cannot force anyone to learn, you have to be wise and think about it until you learn it. He was also very religious and this is "typical" of him because he studied religion and thought very deeply of things.

From ancient Greece this quote really connects to society. It relates to society because society is affected by this quote. Society does not realize that you cannot be forced to learn something. This is because you have to think it to learn it. Society does not realize that because people automatically think that you just learn things, which is not correct.
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