Romeo Montague

I'm a single pringle


I bench 500lbs and I squat 2 tons. I'm a Montague and my family hates the Capulet. My traps also come up to my ears I weigh a slim 195 pounds and I'm all muscle. I eat peanut butter on top of everything. I live in Verona Italy I'm a millionaire and I live with my parents. I like woman with brown hair and blue eyes. I also have brown hair but I have dark brown eyes. I have a pink Bugatti for the special lady and I have a solid gold one I drive around. I have been in the marines, I have won the Medal of Honor. Is it weird if I like girls who's names start with j like Juliet Just the other day I had to swordfight my cousin I killed him accidently.
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Wednesday, Aug. 28th 1591 at 4:45am

Verona, Italy


I'm very skilled at fencing

I'm a kick boxer

I have bird dogs and I hunt and fish a lot