4h is just chilling it up!!

January just snowed by!! By: Joe, Megan, and Sydney

We started a new science unit!

Are new science unit that were doing is motion and design. We used the weight falling system to move the standard vehicle, with our groups in science. We learned that the standard vehicle moves slower when there is more weight on the standard vehicle. We got to use a stopwatch for timing the standard vehicle which lots of people liked doing. We used washers and blocks to see how fast the standard vehicle could go.
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We started a new community read book!!

The new community read book we started is called " The House with the Clock in it's Walls". It's about a boy who goes to live with his uncle in his old mansion, which is a little mysterious, and there are so many CLOCKS!! And when the loudest clock rings that means the person who used to live there would end the world forever! Sometimes it would tick loudly, and sometimes it tick softly marking off the days until doomsday . The louder the tick, closer he was. Would they stop him from ending the world?
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We had a mad science assembly

We had someone named "Radioactive Rick" come to our school and show us some science tricks!! He did lots of things with dry ice because it was the year where he was supposed to use solids, so he made foam, steamy smoke thing and at the very beginning he always does a magic trick, so he used a special powder so he could make water stay in a glass, even when he tipped it over!! It was AWESOME!!

We started a new writing unit!!

For our new writing unit, we are writing a literary essay. For the story we are writing about a book called Fox. The characters were Magpie (as the bird), Fox (as fox), and Dog (as dog). We thought Magpie was the main character. A literary essay is when you write about your reading.
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