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Scarborough's Summary

I hope everyone has a wonderful day off on Monday! Enjoy your weekend!

Kudos Korner from the Admin Team

Kudos to Terilyn Smith for organizing the Science Fair. We loved seeing all the student work.

Media Center News

The Title I books are starting to arrive in the media center, and we are processing them as fast as possible to get them into your hands. Watch your email for updates!

Counselors' Corner

One class per grade level with the most perfect attendance will win a POPCORN party every month until the end of the school year!!!

Please share with your students.

Custodian Closet

It's that time of year again!!!! Cold and Flu

Make sure to use the Vindicator (germicide provided in the red bottle) to spray and wipe down desk, student chairs or any other item or places that students frequently touch to help cut down the spread of germs. If the item is soiled, just spray, wipe, re-spray and allow the item to air dry. When your bottle is empty simple place in the hall outside your classroom to get it refilled.

Please remind students to stack the classroom chairs at the end of the day and to pick up pencils, crayons, books, paper etc off the floor. Please do not place the chairs on top of the student desks it poses a hazard to my staff especially when they are shampooing the carpet in the morning.

No unwanted furniture is to be placed in the hallway. Each room has a Basic Equipment List along with and inventory control sheet, being a Title 1 school we are audited annually on the furniture and equipment assigned to each room. Please do not remove items from your room, funding for the school is bases on how accurate our inventory.

Technology Tips

Our eCLASS numbers are starting to move in the right direction, let's keep pushing. Remember, that your students should be completing an activity on your course page at least once a week. The model lessons that you have observed should provide you with fresh ideas and strategies. Your innovators, Wendy McDonald, and I are wonderful resources as well. Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

Coaches' corner

The challenge in collecting data will revolve around not just scoring but also analyzing the work in a timely manner so that you can glean insights to inform your instruction.

-Lucy Calkins

The Performance Level Indicators is a resource that will help you when creating assessments. Use them to build questions for your tests that progress through the standard to lead your students on the path to becoming a distinguished learner. Access the Performance Level Indicators using the following link:

"Life is a lot easier when the assessments we use, or are subjected to, are closely aligned with this curriculum and hold us accountable for important mathematics." - Steven Leinwand, Accessible Mathematics

Parent Connection

Some of you have inquired about resources to help you learn Spanish!

One of my favorite resources is Babbel. You can download it as an app or use it on the computer

Research shows that being bilingual "can have a profound effect on your brain, improving cognitive skills not related to language and even shielding against dementia in old age."

Calendar of Events

1/18- NO WORK- Enjoy MLK, Jr. Day

1/19- 3rd grade planning day

1/19- Principal Cluster Meeting at Ferguson ES

1/20- 2nd grade planning day

1/21- SPED planning day

1/21- Pep Rally- All Students- information will be sent by Ms. Calcano

1/23- ELT

1/25- Rockbridge Learning Cohort Session 5

1/27- Parent Teacher Team Night 3-5 Dinner 5:30, Session starts at 6 pm

1/28- Parent Teacher Team Night K-2 Dinner 5:30, Session starts at 6 pm

1/30- ELT

RES Birthdays


1/2 Aisha Rodriguez, Gwenda Nimmo-Smith

1/5 Katie Dos Santos

1/11 Jennifer Velez

1/12 Dina Rowe, Megan Davis

1/13 Lindsay Craig

1/15 Kym Benikhis

1/17 Sabrena Hawkins

1/19 Christine Hallick

1/21 Brittany Norris

1/22 Simone Simmons

1/29 Terilyn Smith