Fabulous Floo Powder!

Your connection to the Floo Network

Some say it's tricky, but we say it's not,

Keep Floo Powder handy in your fireplace pot.

Grab a small handful and toss it right in,

When flames turn green, step in with a grin.

Then loudly and clearly, say where to go,

And whoosh, you'll be there! And so now you know

How to use Floo Powder, so handy, so bright,

To travel so quickly is such a delight!

The Only Floo Powder You will Ever Need!

Our Floo Powder is created using specially selected, organically grown floo plants. Our Charms Masters study for years perfecting the proper Forms to imbue the powder with an unequaled combination of speed and accuracy.

Now with an enhanced Deciphering Form guaranteed to understand even the thickest Highland accent!