Hay's Happenings

October 28-November 1


*Four students from our class received notes in their Monday Folder today about Brown Bag. On Friday these four students will eat lunch with Mrs. Katz Scott from the March of Dimes Foundation. They are encouraged to bring a lunch from home.

*Our Fall Party is Thursday at 2:00. Parents, you are welcomed to come if you would like.

Look What We are Learning!

  • Minus 0

Math Skill

  • Quarter to, Quarter after, Half past, thirty minutes before
  • Reading a thermometer
  • Creating Bar-Type graphs from data that has been collected through a survey


  • The students enjoyed our experiments last week. We discussed ways we can continue watching and learning about the water cycle. They had "wondering" questions following our labs. We will be setting up more experiments to help with those burning questions. See if your child would like to set up their own water cyle at home. This can be done simply by placing water in a zip lock baggie filled half way with water and taping it to a window.

Social Studies

  • We are making a graphic organizer representing our Local, State, and Federal Government.
  • Quote of the week from one of our very own, following an introduction to the definition of government, "We need a new government." A few comments among the students following, a little chuckle from the teacher, and on we went. I promise, I only teach the facts, people, they generate their own opinions. :)


  • Focus on identifying the main edea and the supporting details that go with it, and compound words


  • combining sentences with the word "and"

Word Work

  • working on consonant digraphs th, sh, wh, ch, tch, and ph; also base words with endings of -s, -ed, and -ing added

Our Week

  • Homework and Monday folders come home


  • We will go to the computer lab


  • Library Class


  • IDEAS with Mrs. Brown
  • Fall Party at 2:00
  • No Jr. Great Books due to the party


  • Healthy Heart Jogging Day
  • Fluency Quiz on Subtracting 0 from a number
  • Spirit Day
  • Brown Bag
  • 7:30-Any student who did not score and 80% or higher on a Fluency Quiz can come in to retest

McTeacher Night for Pebble Creek

Thursday, Oct. 24th 2013 at 5-8pm

4440 State Highway 6 S

College Station, TX

Come to McDonalds anytime between 5 and 8 on Thursday night to help raise money for Pebble Creek. Your 2nd grade teachers will be working from 7-8. Hope to see you there!