child abuse memorial

by: kassy norman

what is the issue

child abuse. Child abuse happens all the time. This issue needs not be treated and stopped.

Who does this affect

children all over the world are affected by this. For new born babies to 17 year olds. Over 1,593 children have suffered from child abuse

Why should there be a memorial for this issue

child abuses is stuff. The kids that have gone through it are lucky, because some haven’t. so I think that a memorial needs to be placed for all the child that have gone through it, and for the families that have lost a child over it. in memory of the families and children. I think kids need to be recognize and remembered for the terrible things they had to go through.

What is your hope and your goal for this memorial

What is your hope and your goal for this memorial: my hope and my goal is to end child abuse. By designating a park and placing statues through out it I hope people with realize that the children that are being abused cant be here and play like the others and that they need help.

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the memorial

the memorial will be placed in a designated park in Houston tx. the memorial will be on a 2 foot platform. there will be two parents and the dad will be 6 feet tall and the mom will be 5’4 feet tall. the child in front of them will be 4’8 feet tall. they will be mad out of copper.

the other memorials

i would like to have copper statues of kids playing and on siting on a bench laughing and smiling. they will be about the same size as the kid on the other one

the other memorials

i want to build a statue thats on a 2 foot platform. on the platform i would want 4 children on there laughing and playing.
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