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January 15th, 2021

Parents and guardians, please check below for updates on all things happening at Union Center Elementary!

NO SCHOOL This Monday, January 18th

Union Township School Corporation will NOT have school, in-person or virtual, this Monday, January 18th for a scheduled Snow Make-Up Day!

Cell Phones and Apple Watches

After Christmas Break, some students have been bringing their wonderful new devices to school, which has included new communication devices.

If you would like for your child to bring their cell phone to school, it must be registered with the UCE Office and stay in the child's backpack during the school day.

The same applies for Apple Watches. If a child has a device that can call, text, or search the internet, that device must be registered in the UCE Office and stay in the child's backpack until after school hours.

If you would like to receive paperwork for your child to register their device, please have them visit Mrs. Owens in the main office, or you may email her at bowens@union.k12.in.us

Little League at Union Township

If your child is interesting in participating in Wheeler Little League, please click HERE for more information!

Dyslexia Screening at UCE

Starting the week of January 25th, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students at both Union Center and John Simatovich will be screened for dyslexia in accordance with Indiana Senate Enrolled Act 217.

The screening process is very minimal for the students and will be a very small part of their academic day.

Parents do have the option to 'Opt-Out' of this screening. For more information on the screening and/or to have your child opt-out of this screening, please click HERE.

Proper Winter Attire at Recess

Just a friendly reminder that students must have the proper attire in order to go outside for recess: This can include snow pants, boots, gloves, hat, etc., depending on the age of the child.

Since students will still need to rotate areas while outside, it's imperative that students be prepared with the proper attire in order to stay warm and safe while outside :)

Returning Books to the Library

The UCE Library is still missing books from 2nd Quarter!

Please check with your child (and maybe their bedroom and backpack) to see if they have any holdover library books that need to be returned!

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Ramirez at kramirez@union.k12.in.us

UCE Staff Member of the Week!

This week's UCE Staff of the Week is Ms. Samantha Allen!

Let's get to know Ms. Allen a little more :)

Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself

I graduated from Washington Township and completed my Bachelor's Degree at PNW. I am currently pursuing my Master's at IWU!

When education isn't consuming my time, I like to hang out with family or be outside (when it isn't so cold)! I also have a twin! She is an ER Nurse.

My dog, Nala, was also in classes this summer and is now a certified therapy dog. She is also working towards becoming a service dog. She loves meeting with people who are feeling down or just need a hug from a big Czech Shepherd.

How long have you been a teacher?

I have been a teacher for 5 years!

My first year was second grade in Crown Point, my second and third years of teaching were here in Kindergarten. My fourth and current teaching spot are in fifth grade here as well.

What Do You Like to do When You Are Outside of the Classroom?

Outside of the classroom in the summer I enjoy my boat on Culver with my family, wakeboarding, tubing, knee boarding, and I watch my sister and my dad ski (I was never very good at two planks of wood on my separate feet)!

I also love to hike and camp with my dog, Nala. In the winter, when there is snow, we take our snowmobiles up North for a couple days to enjoy it. If there is not snow, I play video games, read, and try to enjoy family time playing board games.

What is the Best Part About Being a Teacher

The best part about being a teacher is not only the close bonds we make along the way with our colleagues, but also the smiles on the students faces when they finally understand something, or even when we come together as a class to come up with an idea to help someone out.

I love being able to help others and to see smiles on my students faces lets me know that they are enjoying being at school.

What is the your favorite quote, book, or movie and WHY?

My favorite book would have to be anything Stephen King because my grandma used to love his books and when I was old enough to read them, my grandma had passed so it is a way for me to feel close to her and the books he writes are all amazing.

My favorite quote for our most recent year would have to be, “There is no bad time for good news," because after last year, we can all use some good news no matter the time!

My favorite movie is A League of Their Own because my sister and I used to watch it growing up and now as a tradition, we watch it every year.

Anything Else We Should Know...?

As most of you already know, I like to be a jokester and try to make everyone laugh. So, I will end with a joke for winter! What do penguins eat for lunch? They eat ice burg-ers! I know, typical dad joke!

UCE Building Update #4

UCE Building Project Update #4

Protocols and Guidelines

Just a reminder, the safety guidelines and protocols that have been in place at UCE since August will remain as we return to school in 2021! This means that students will still:

  • Wear facemasks throughout the day
  • Be seated in their pods while at lunch
  • Participate in recess with only the students in their classroom
  • Have assigned seats when riding the bus
  • Be required to hand sanitize and/or wash their hands throughout the day

We will continue to work diligently to keep UCE a safe and happy place for our students to learn!

Free Tutoring Opportunities (Recurring)

The Youth Services Coordinator for the Porter County Public Library is offering free online tutoring from 2:00-11:00 PM!

For more information regarding this free service, please click HERE.

Special Birthday Treats (RECURRING)

Does your child have a birthday coming up? If so, our kitchen is here to help provide a little something extra!

Since we cannot bring in shared, outside food into the building, our UCE Kitchen has decided to provide a little birthday surprise to our kiddos!

If you are interested in having milk and cookies delivered to your child for their birthday, please contact Mrs. Kim Camplan, our Kitchen Manager, for prices and details at kcamplan@union.k12.in.us

Job Opportunities (RECURRING)

Want to work at Union Township Schools? If so, please take a look at the below postings or click the UTSC Corporation website HERE:

COVID-19 Student Guidance (Recurring)

  • The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) has released some wonderful tips to parents about how to begin having the conversation with your child regarding wearing a mask. Please click HERE for more information.

  • For a look at the difference between Quarantine and Isolation, please take a look at the attachment HERE.

Day in the Life at UCE

Click Here to Register for the KidStop Program

Please click HERE to register for the before and after school program, KidStop.
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Virtual Learner Supply Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Friday, Jan. 15th, 4-6pm

272 North 600 West

Valparaiso, IN

Glass vestibule at UCE will be open from 4:00-6:00 PM for Virtual Learners!

No School- Snow Make-Up Day

Monday, Jan. 18th, 8:30am-3:30pm

272 North 600 West

Valparaiso, IN

Snow Make-Up Day!

Virtual Learner Supply Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 4-6pm

272 North 600 West

Valparaiso, IN

Glass vestibule at UCE will be open from 4:00-6:00 PM for Virtual Learners!

100th Day of School!!

Friday, Jan. 22nd, 9-11pm

272 North 600 West

Valparaiso, IN

100th Day of School!

Virtual Learner Supply Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Friday, Jan. 22nd, 4-6pm

272 North 600 West

Valparaiso, IN

Glass vestibule at UCE will be open from 4:00-6:00 PM for Virtual Learners!

Dyslexia Screening (KG, 1st, and 2nd Grade ONLY)

Monday, Jan. 25th, 8am to Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 3pm

272 North 600 West

Valparaiso, IN

Students in KG, 1st, and 2nd Grade will be administered the Dyslexia Screener at UCE per Senate Enrolled Act 217.

Virtual Learner Supply Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Monday, Jan. 25th, 4-6pm

272 North 600 West

Valparaiso, IN

Glass vestibule at UCE will be open from 4:00-6:00 PM for Virtual Learners!

Virtual Learner Supply Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Friday, Jan. 29th, 7-9pm

587 West 300 North

Valparaiso, IN

Glass vestibule at UCE will be open from 4:00-6:00 PM for Virtual Learners!

Principal Fuller's Thoughts

During my classroom visits this week, I had a chance to talk with a 5th Grade student who I noticed was doodling as she finished her work.

She was drawing a picture that in all honesty, could be something you see in an art gallery.

I told her that her drawing was wonderful, and I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up.

“A GREAT artist” she emphasized.

Wow, I told her. Not just an artist, but a GREAT artist.

“Why be good when you can be great” she told me.

She was so matter-of-fact...so determined.

It is special when someone wants to be great.

As parents, teachers, and leaders, our role is to motivate greatness inside each of our students.

More than just saying you want to be great, we have a responsibility to instill in our students to embrace the adversity that comes with the hard work it will take to be greatfinding the joy in adversity is the true path to greatness.

It doesn’t matter what someone wants to be great in: Being a GREAT artist, being a GREAT father, being a GREAT volunteer, being GREAT at the monkey bars…when we hear those critical words from a child, it becomes our responsibility to help them realize the potential within themselves.

We want to encourage our children to not just be good…BE GREAT!