Reading is Succeeding

October, 2015

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

True or False?

#1. All Dyslexic students write letters in reverse.

#2. Dyslexia only causes difficulties in reading and writing.

#3. One of the primary reading characteristics of dyslexia is difficulty reading words in isolation.

#4. The TPRI assessment done in Kindergarten through 2nd grade can be used as data for supporting the testing of a student.

#5. The rapid growth of the brain and its responsiveness to instruction in the primary years make the time from birth to age 8 a critical period for literacy development.

#6. Components of Dyslexia instruction should include phonological awareness, sound-symbol association, syllabication, orthography, morphology, syntax, reading fluency and comprehension, along with vocabulary.

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