Three Schools One Mission

ERPD April 24, 2013

Learning Targets

I can explain how our schools are incorporating components of RtI.

I can describe and utilize the lab rotation model of blended learning.

I can explain the difference between remediation, intervention, and tutoring.

I can navigate the IB's online resource, the OCC.

I can implement international mindedness more effectively in my instruction.

Overview of Today

LAB ROTATION (three different classrooms - see back of agenda)



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What is the lab rotation model of Blended Learning?

A rotation-model implementation in which within a given course or subject (e.g., math), students rotate on a fixed schedule or at the teacher’s discretion among locations on the brick-and-mortar campus. At least one is a learning lab for predominantly online learning, and the other(s) are classroom(s) for other learning modalities.
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How is "lab" rotation different from "station" rotation?

The Lab-Rotation model differs from the Station-Rotation model because students rotate among locations on the campus instead of staying in one classroom for the blended course or subject.

IMPACT Survey (part of lab rotation)

Purpose: The district would like to know what is already happening in the schools and what professional development needs to happen on technology and blended learning for next year.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


Thank you to our amazing leaders!

We have awesome teacher leaders within our three schools!

Thank you for presenting today!

Brittany Head

Rachel Domenic

Aria Campbell

Cam Downing

Dana Gillis