My personal attributes

Valued by employers

Specific skills

I'm gaining new skills in Software Development (Java) also i am experience developing websites in HTML and CSS and also in Systems analysis and design skills. I also have knowledge of health and safety from previous jobs and work experience.

General attributes

· Flexible, approachable with the ability to cope well under pressure in changing environments.

· Strong team working skills and the ability to work to tight timescales.

· I have improved over the years my basic I.T skills to advanced one’s.

· Natural problem solver with the ability to multi task in a fast paced environment.

· Demonstrates meticulous attention to detail, and high levels of concentration and focus.

· Productive worker with solid work ethic, exerting optimal effort in successfully completing tasks.


A dedicated, hardworking and reliable individual with exceptional communication and people skills; has experience of working in various environments. Understands the importance of health and safety procedures in the work place and can follow instructions from managers and other team members. Works well as part of a team and can use own initiative to complete specified tasks. Willing to fulfill any training required to be successful in this position.

General communication skills

Over the years I have been able to build up my communication skills so that I am now able to speak clearly to people cultural differences i can also adapt my voice and terminology for different situations and i can use technology to engage an audience to ask questions and answer.

Interpersonal skills

Over the years while i have been working i have improved my interpersonal skills such as such verbal exchanges, signing, lip reading, body language, use of intonation, positive and negative language, active engagement.

Communicate in writing

I have built up over the years my ability to communicate in writing by using techniques such as use of emoticons, letters, fax, emails, spelling and grammar, relevance, proofreading and note taking

Barriers to effective communication

There are many barriers that you need to watch out for when you are trying to effectively communicate with someone such as background noise, distractions, physical, barriers location, lack of concentration and other like improper grammar and mispronouncing words. some of the ways you can reduce the effectiveness of these barriers is making sure that when you are talking to someone make sure that you are speaking correctly you are in somewhere that there will not be a lot of background noise where you won't get distracted or lose your concentration while you are talking to the person.

Reattempted Pass work

Effective Communication

When employers are hiring new employees they like to look for people that are confident and have good communication skills as they will need to fit in with the work and other employees. Employers want there new employees to be able to communicate because if they cant be bothered or are to nervous to try then they might affect the overall work rate or the employer might think that you don't like who you are working with which could result in you being fired or the other employees get fired.

Personal attributes valued by employers

When a employer is hiring new people they will look for specific skills that will help them with the job they are applying for, for example if you are applying for a job in web development it helps to have skill in web development like coding and be able to use software like adobe. As well as skills they also look to see if you can work well in teams as well as by yourself so that they no that whatever task they set you they will know that you will be able to complete the task with or without help. t=They also like to make sure that the people that they hire are punctual so that they know that you are able to keep to deadlines that have been set. They will also look for people that have a positive attitude to the work that you are doing because if you don't you wont put any effort in to the work you will just be doing it for the money not because you enjoy it.