Nyan Kite

Nyan cat is now a kite!

Answers To Problems

Three: 60-61 shiftsFour: 576 sheets

Check out the cool blueprint of Nyan Kite!


Nyan Kite Fun!

We used many different materials to make our Nyan Kite!

1.Table Cloth2.Wooden Dowels3.Packing Tape 4.Sharpies5.String6.Pieces of Cheap Kites

We Make Nyan Cat Themed Kites!

We chose certain materials for reasons. We used table cloth because it is light, portable, cheap, and a better quality than most plastic or trash bags. We used wooden dowels to keep the base in balance and structured properly. We used packing tape to hold the kite together. We used sharpies to decorate the nyan kite. We know washable markers wouldn't stay on the plastic well, so permanet ones seemed like the better choice. We used string for the line of the kite, and the string roller of a cheap kite for the handle.

Delta Porta Kite

We chose a delta porta kite because we thought it would best fit the shape of Nyan Cat. The delta porta kite is a rectangular kite with a tail. Because Nyan Cat has a rectangular base, we chose this kind of kite for our Nyan kite. Below are some pictures of a common Delta Porta Kites.