Food in our life


Вопросы по теме "Food"

  1. What is a Food Pyramid?
  2. What does each section of a Food Pyramid represent?
  3. Who was the Food pyramid developed by?
  4. What does USDA mean?
  5. Why was the My Plate symbol designed by?
  6. What sections does the My Plate have?
  7. What kinds of food do you need every day if you want to be healthy?
  8. What does red food give us? Name some red foods.
  9. Why is orange food important? Name some orange foods.
  10. What for do we use yellow food? Name some yellow foods.
  11. Why is green food good for us? Name some green foods.
  12. What food helps you to relax? Give some examples.
  13. What food makes us creative? Give some examples.
  14. What are your eating habits?