Mrs. McCain's Message

The Joy of Third Grade

The Joy of Reading

We all know reading is a good thing to do. Reading enhances communication skills, logical thinking skills and takes us to places we have never been before. Research suggests that avid, independent readers are more motivated than their peers which can lead to greater academic success. This year, starting in October, I am going to challenge my students and their families to complete a “Reading Bucket List.” I am going to challenge all of you to step out of your comfort zones and read from a variety of genres this year as I will be doing so myself. The goal is as my students experience new genres; they will be challenged as readers and asked to use the comprehension strategies they used with genres they are familiar with. Together with their families, they will fully embrace the joy of reading. I am excited and up for the challenge, are you?

Classroom News


Many of you have had questions or have expressed concerns with homework. Homework is more intense in third grade as compared to previous years and is assigned nightly to reinforce skills that have been taught in class. . I expect for homework to be returned completed the following day unless I have given a long term assignment. Homework consists of reading, writing and math problem solving. The directions for each assignment is given in their homework folder and we go over it in class as well. Reading homework is differentiated based on the need of your child.

Parents, I am asking that you make homework a priority in the home by expecting and monitoring your child to complete their homework. It is appropriate to assist your child with homework when they are getting started and when they have questions. However, please promote independence in your child by allowing them to complete homework and projects independently. I do check homework daily and provide feedback on the quality of work turned in. If homework is turned in consistently, I will notify you.

Interim Reports

Interim Reports will be sent home on September 23. This is the first year your child will receive actual letter grades. I will begin scheduling Fall Conferences via Sign-Up Genius. I will send the link to each of you individually. Just note that I am a teacher as well as a wife, mother and grad student, therefore I am asking that you please be prompt and prepared for your conference as they only last 20 minutes. The following scale is used in third grade:

A 90 - 100

B 80 - 89

C 70 -79

D 60 -69

F Below 60

For students who score lower than a 75 on any assignment in my class, they will be given further instruction on the topic and have to resubmit the assignment. Parents will be notified if and when this occurs.

The Lion King

On this Wednesday, September 23, we will be going on a field trip to the Community Theatre of Greensboro to see The Lion King. The cost is only one dollar and a bagged lunch is needed for that day. Please make sure you send in your child's permission slip, money and lunch in on Wednesday morning. Your child will not be able to attend the field trip without the permission slip.

Our grade level is also planning a field trip to downtown Raleigh to study our state's government. The date has not been set for this but we are looking toward the end of October or the first part of November. We will need chaperones for this learning opportunity.