Battle of Yorktown

Revolutionary War

The Battle of Yorktown

On the morning of October 9th, 1781 the British Commander, Lord Charles Cornwallis was awoken by a cannon bombardment by French and U.S ships. This bombardment lasted until nightfall and repeated until October 14th, 1781. That is when General George Washington sent two columns of Colonist troops Redoubt #9 and #10, to take out the last lines of defense for the British, where cannons could not reach.

The Battle of Yorktown part 2

When the last line of defenses were brought down it was a metaphorical "Cake Walk" for the American and French soldiers. A surrender was negotiated between General George Washington and Lord Charles Cornwallis. It also marked the end of the last major battle in the Revolutionary War. Over 8,000 British troops captured which started negotiation between the now free colonies and Great Britain to get there soldiers back. The Americans used the soldiers as leverage to make the Parliament agree to there terms. To give them freedom!!!!

Battle of Yorktown

Friday, Nov. 9th 1781 at 6pm

Yorktown, VA, United States

Yorktown, VA

This is the place and time when the battle of Yorktown happened and ended the Revolutionary War.
Patriot-Battle of Yorktown