*A brand new you, a brand new year!

Marking period 3!

It's a New Year, it's a new you, it's a new grading period. As we enter another semester, lets continue to move forward in a spirit of excellence and achievement. Just as you set New Years Resolutions, resolve to be your best self in 2016 in the classroom. Your achievement is completely in your control! TAKE CHARGE!


As we have a new year and grading period on our hands we may be in need of new materials. What is expected everyday...





-Subject folder

REMINDER: Make sure we are turning in our work everyday!

What We Are Learning...

Math: We are learning how to multiply and divide fractions. We are also introducing more online Mixed Reviews in Digits. Your student needs to log on to complete their assignments as they will be incorporated into our classroom grades.

*What is a reciprocal?

*How do you turn a mixed number into a fraction?

Science: We are learning about matter and motion. Everything is made up of atoms! We are examining the smallest things into our universe and how these particles matter in our lives.

*What are atoms?

*What are the states of matter?

Language Arts: We will begin Collection 3, Dealing with Disaster. In this collection, the students will discover how people react in the face of disaster. Students will discover this through the following standards:

-Students will be able to identify and analyze cause-and-effect organization and determine meanings of technical language in an information text.

-Students will be able to analyze and compare poetic form and learn how poets use form, alliteration, and tone to express feelings and ideas.

-Students will be able to identify and analyze how dialect and imagery, including figurative language, bring a story to life.

World Region: We will begin our Government Unit. In this unit the students will be able to explain what government is and identify major forms of government (autocracy, monarchy, dictatorship, representative and direct democracy, oligarchy, theocracy, and anarchy). The students will also be able to compare and contrast the major features of different forms of government.

Important Dates to Remember:

Upcoming Events:

February 15, 2016--No School

February 18, 2016--Family Night and Interim Pick-up

February 22-23--MAP Progress Monitoring for Math

February 24-25--MAP Progress Monitoring for Reading