Camp Green Lake


"You are to dig one hole each day, including Saturdays and sundays. Each hole must be five feet deep, and five feet across in every direction. Your shovel is your measuring stick. "


Breakfast is served at 4:30 for the boys not to work at the hottest part of the day. They need to dig a hole per day, when they are digging a water truck comes and gives them water after breakfast and before lunch. If you need to go to the bathroom you may choose any hole you want. When you successfully finish digging the hole of the day you can go and take the day off in the wreck room. When you get out of the camp you will be thinner, stronger and a whole new person.

--.Remember Never Disrespect The Authorities.--

Wreck Room

The wreck room is where the boys gather together, rest and there also occurs meetings with Mr Pendanski and with the rest of the boys. In the wreck room they have a pool table, a television, sofas/couches, tables... The boys that you with will give you a cool nickname. Everyone at the camp has one, even the authorities.

What to bring to Camp Green Lake?

You should bring sun cream, a hat, extra trainers, at least 3 bottles of water, a pair of soft gloves, hand cream, toilet paper and extra clothes. You should also bring some books or something to entertain yourself during your extra time.

Did you know?

There was a lake and it was the largest lake in the whole Texas, but now there is no lake at Camp Green Lake. Some years ago, there was a town near the lake.

In Camp green lake is so hot and dry that during the summer the temperature under the shade gets to ninety-five degrees. There are very few shades, one shade is under Warner's Hammock. That Hammock is stuck between two trees, although the campers can't lie down under the hammock. It is completely forbidden.

Beware of:

Beware of the rattlesnakes, the scorpion and the yellow-spotted lizards.

If you don’t bother the reptiles, they won’t hurt you.

You may want to avoid them, they usually live under rocks or in the holes.

You won't die if a rattlesnake or a scorpion harm you, although you will die if you get bitten by a yellow-spotted lizard. In that case you may want to go to Warner's shade because no one is capable to save you, you will die a slow and painful death.

There are cases when the young at Camp Green Lake will try to be bitten by a scorpion or a rattlesnake to get a day off.

Emergency Kit

An emergency kit must contain the basic things to use in an unexpected happening like a wound or health issue. You can bring medicine needed for any personal sickness or allergies, although you should bring alcohol for wounds and tools used in an emergency treatment like a scissor, bandages, cotton.