Intervention and ELL News

Week of January 11th

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NWEA Testing

NWEA Testing will be taking place this week. This will pertain to IS grades K-8. If you have not received the information that you need, please communicate with your team. If you still need a username and password, please communicate with Shannon Hare.
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I would like to give a shout out to Adrianne for helping me get started. She was extremely welcoming and answered all my questions quickly. She has been an excellent mentor!

Shout out to Heidi for her first couple of weeks of work! She is a go-getter and really excited to teach students. I appreciate her enthusiasm, as it’s contagious.

Shout Out to Dayna for being so helpful! She is always willing to help out her team

I would like to do a shout out to my ELE Math team. – Everyone is always so willing to step up – provide advice, assistance, or whatever is needed! I really appreciate my

I would like to do a shout out for Jenni Little. – I always get something out of my meetings with her. She has also agreed to meet with me more often to target some areas such as data digging across different assessments (i-Ready and NWEA particularly) and translating that to effective, differentiated lesson planning! She is also always ready to share out helpful documents, tips, information, etc.!! - She is also extremely positive in her approach so that I always feel empowered when I walk away from an IC meeting

I would like to give a shout out to Val, Adrianne, and Leeann for helping out all of us that our new with all the NWEA information. It’s been a lot to take in at once, and all of them have been very helpful.

Shout out to Jan who helped me with a student crisis bright and early on Tuesday morning! She and Bruce Bennett were so very helpful after I had to deal with a sad situation regarding one of my students. They were both so supportive and wonderful! What a team. Together, I think we may have helped a family that is currently having a rough time.

Shout out to Tami for joining the ELE ELA team!

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Students have shown good gains on their DIBEL testing.

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This week Robin will be at the Grand Rapids office working with me on Wednesday and Thursday. I will not be able to attend any meetings. If you need something, please email, IM or text me.

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