Grade 6-8 Science

October 2017 Newsletter

September 22nd PD

For those of you who attended the Office of Teaching and Learning September 22nd PD, we had several science offerings: Gizmos, PASCO probeware, Incorporating the 5E's, Argumentative Writing, Biology Resources, Science Snippets, and STEM. You can access the resources at:

Departments / Curriculum / Teachers

under Secondary Curriculum PD Days 2017-18

Next PD day is October 20, 2017

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Upcoming Gizmo PD's

We are pushing Gizmos this year. Thank you to all of the teachers who attended the Gizmo training at Ft. Hayes on September 22nd. To be honest, the Gizmo subscription is very expensive and we need to begin to see a direct correlation between usage and student success in order to keep the program for next year. We are asking that you use purposeful planning when utilizing Gizmos. It is important that you spend time on the site deciding which activities best fit with your standards. To just put students on the site without your prior planning has shown no correlation with learning.

We will be offering 3 PD opportunities this year on Gizmos: C.E.R., Incorporating the 5E's, Using Science and Engineering. We will also be offering 4 webinars on more introductory subjects. Information on these training opportunities will be coming later.

If you do not know your sign-in information, please just email jnord5257 and I will send you your link information.

Science Fair Opportunity

I am in contact with OSU and they have a team who are interested in working with 1-2 sixth grade teachers to assist them with the science fair. If this interests you, please contact me A.S.A.P. so I can get you in touch with their team.

Time is of the essence if you are interested.

Design Challenge

For those of you who participated in the Design Challenge last spring, it is time again! If you did not participate and are interested, contact Jesse Ireland A.S.A.P. (jireland4224)

The official date this year is May 15, 2018 at COSI. Jesse will be hosting a Google hangout for those who are registered with him on October 4th from 4:30-5:15. If you cannot make that, he will have a face-to-face meeting on October 12th from 4:00-5:00 at Linmoor Education Center.


Looking for a STEAM challenge for your classes? Contact Mark Miller at the Franklin Park Conservatory and ask him about the Fair Child Challenge. 614.715.8030

Franklin Conservatory offers many opportunities. Check out their website:

Ohio State's AIR Tests (test specifications) (scoring guides)

2017 Released Items:

(click on Practice Tests tab at right; sign in as Guest for grade 8; you will find practice tests and 3 years of released items)

Questions about testing? Contact Cathy Holmes, Science Consultant, Ohio Department of Education 614-387-0338

Spruce Run Nature Center

Spruce Run fills up quickly. The push this year by the district is for secondary science to utilize the resource. If you are interested, contact Geri Granger (ggranger9556). She can answer all your questions and help you as you design your lesson.
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Safety Matters!

Make sure your students are following lab safety procedures. Don’t know where to start? Look at the 30 lab safety guidelines listed in the Principal’s Notebook (copy found in your teacher staff room). You will also find a lab report format to assist you.

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Office of Teaching and Learning 365-5297

Sandee Donald, Executive Director

Sharee Wells, Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction

Heather Allen, K-5 Science Coordinator,

Jennifer Nord, 6-12 Science Coordinator,

Geri Granger, K-12 Spruce Run Coordinator,