Life During The New Deal

By: Austin Cartwright

Role of Women

-Eleanor Roosevelt helped women during her husband's administration

-Francis Perkins was the first women to head in an executive department in the government.

-Women became leaders in many New Deal agencies

Roles Of African Americans

-William Hastie was the first African American to be a politition, a educater and a jurist

-Under the leadership of Mary McLeod Bethune, a group of African Americans worked in the government was known as the Black Cabinet

-FDR's makes an act were the government won't hire based on race or gender

Artists During this Time

-Dorothea Lange was a photographer who lived in California with Seven kids

-James Agee was a writer who worked with Walker Evans

-Walker Evans depicted the lives of sharecroppers in the lower south

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Popular Entertainment in the 1930s

-Charles Chaplin was a comedian who wrestled with machinery in Modern Times

-King Kong was one of the best special effect movies at the time

-The Grapes of Wrath was made into a movie and was a hollywood success

-FDR's fireside chats and Father Coughlin's rants against the new deal brought news to many people

-The radio broadcast of the H.G. science Wells science fiction tale The War of the Worlds brought many people thinnking that it was realistic

Importance of Radio

-FDR's fireside chats was a great example of the radio station that most people listened to during the 1930's.

-The radio was a way back then for everyone to listen to news all at the same time.

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Music in The 1930's

-Radio helped broaden the appeal of Jazz music in the 30's

-A new, highley orchestated type of Jazz known as swing swept the country in the 30's

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Sports Figures of the 1930's

-Babe Ruth was a legendary baseball player that played for the New York yankees during the 20's and 30's the later was replaced buy the great Joe DiMaggio

-The heavy weight fighter Joe Louis fought the german Max Schmeling which came to represent the growing conflict between Germany and the U.S.

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