By: Sydney S. Simmons

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About The Country

Ireland is a wonderful country. Things are a lot different there then then they are here.
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Special Customs

Ireland has very a specific way of doing things. Things like how if girls legs weren't covered before they left the house then they would be in trouble. Also there heads had to be covered. Even from birth.

Things They Do

One thing Irish people like to do is dance.


Irish kids didn't get a very good education. Because of that they didn't know much about what was happening around them.


The Irish have one holiday that we all celebrate. St. Patricks Day! But no one has really heard of St. Stephens Day.

Irish Food

One thing that you will hear a lot about is potatoes.

Less Potatoes

When the potatoes would not grow like they used to, there was a potato famine. That is one of the main reasons people left Ireland


Now you know a lot about Ireland. Would you have lived there.
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