College Financial Resources

5 Ways To Avoid Student Debt


In 2014, at least 68% of students who graduated college had student debt. Nowadays, it student debt is a crisis among Millennials. The struggle to repay post-secondary and graduate education has increased over the years. In a recent report by Bloomberg, 59% of the students did not know when they would be able to pay off their loans. The purpose of this webinar is to provide students with post-secondary and graduate education financial alternate resources to avoid college debt.

Tuesday, April 26th, 2pm

This is an online event.

Student Debt Crisis Webinar

Some of the contents covered in this webinar are:

  • Statistics on students attending college with student loans or not attending college due to financial constraints
  • Tips on how to save money for college
  • How to find and apply for scholarships
  • How to make the most out of Financial Aid Resources
  • If already in loans, what to do to avoid financial crisis