The Lively Library

August 2015

Welcome Back

Welcome back! It's so great to see the library filled with students and teachers browsing the shelves for books and finding the information they need! I have several different activities planned throughout the year to encourage and motivate students to read. An activity specific to 4th & 5th graders is reading the Mark Twain Nominees. Read on to find out more. Early Childhood and Kindergarten will be reading the MO Building Block Award nominees and 1st-3rd will read the Show Me Award nominees. I will also be creating a variety of interactive bulletin boards, including "Get Caught Reading" and a "graffiti" style board that students can write book recommendations on.

We will also be working on genrefying our fiction collection. Color coded labels will be placed on the spines of books signifying what genre they are: sports, action/adventure, realistic fiction, historical fiction, scary/suspense, fantasy and humor. Mysteries and Science Fiction are already separated out, so they will not get color coded. I hope this will help everyone find the types of books they're interested in.

I'll also be focusing on some of the needs that came up in the surveys I sent out last year. One suggestion was for me to share what lessons were being taught in the library. I've included that information in a document and linked it to this newsletter. If there are any projects you want me to help with, or topics you want reinforced in the library, please let me know!

Let's have a great school year!

Library Lessons

Classes will be learning about and practicing different topics during each visit to the library. Follow this link to discover what they're learning.

Check out these readers!

Mark Twain Nominees 2015-2016

Here is a link to a website with book trailers, summaries and other information about this year's nominees for the Mark Twain Award. Students must read at least four of the titles in order to vote for their favorite. To encourage students to read these, I put up a chart on which students can place a star next to the titles they've read. Anyone who reads at least four can attend to the voting party in March. If you have read any titles, stop by the library to add your star to the chart. Let's see how many stars we can collect!

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Technology Tidbits

Discovery Education: Spotlight on Strategies

Last year I demonstrated how to us Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) from Discovery Education. Here is a link to a presentation which illustrates a quick way to find the SOS as well as sort them use. For instance discover a variety of ways to use SOS for assessment, compare and contrast, and summarizing, among many others. These strategies could be a huge help to you in your classroom!

Using Twitter for Professional Development

Twitter can be a great resource for professional development and creating your own Personal Learning Network. Read this article for tips on organizing your Twitter feed and make sure you're not overwhelmed.