2nd Grade News

Friday, March 13th, 2015


Angela Buchman will be at CRES on Monday to kick off our weather PBL unit in 2nd grade. See the link below to get an idea of how PBL works. Next week we will start to look at things we know about weather and start exploring books and student links on the iPad.

Students will learn that readers read informational books that interest them and ask questions. We will learn how to explore a variety of different topics and start making decisions about topics on Friday.

Please send in an extra notebook for your child to use for their weather journal as soon as possible. I am also looking for donations of index cards (3 X 5), small envelopes (4 X 9), and file folders.


Enjoy the beautiful weather!

-Mrs. Hicks

Next Week

SPRING PARTY- Friday, March 20th 2:00-3:00

*** Please send your child in their yellow tie dye shirt.

CRES FEST- Thank you to everyone that has sent in donations for the ice cream basket. Don't forget to get all donations in by March 23rd.

Monday, Day 1- Computer

Tuesday, Day 2- P.E.

Wednesday, Day 3- Music

Thursday, Day 4- Art

Friday, Day 1- Computer

Math: We are going to learn about area and perimeter next week.

Reading & Writing: We will be learning and writing informational text with our weather PBL.