The French Revolution

Viva La Resistance!

The Problems

  • In the 1780s the French government, along with most of the rest of Europe, was an absolute monarchy. This meant the king had almost unlimited power
  • The people of France were divided into 3 estates (social classes) with the 3rd being the weakest and most common
  • France was Deep in dept from the 7 Years War
  • France had an Estate General to have the people come up with ideas
  • The 3rd estate wanted there to be 1 estate and a constitution for the people. Their ideas were refused by the king and upper classes
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The Solution

  • The third estate forms The national Assembly of France
  • They make a vow to only disband when a constitution is made
  • July 14th 1789: the Parisians rush to the Bastille to gather weapons to defend against the king's army
  • Countryside uprising against local feudal lords begin
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Taking Charge

  • August 1789: Assembly forms Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen
  • Assembly takes property of Roman Catholic Church
  • Public view becomes widely divided
  • 1791: War with Austria and Prussia wanting to restore power to king
  • 1792: The Parisians capture the king and the National Convention begins
  • 1793: National Convention puts king to death

The "Counter-Revolution"

  • More Radicals called "The mountain" fight leaders in convention
  • 1794: Jacobin Clubs arrest leaders in convention and execute random suspects in "Reign of Terror"
  • Led to a purge in military ranks shocking Jacobins throughout
  • 1795: New convention developed leading to new government "The Directory"
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Is This the End?

  • Revolution ends while leaders fight for power
  • People weary of political conflict
  • France now hated by other countries
  • led to (failed) uprisings in other countries
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Bonus: "Do You Hear the People Sing?"

  • 1832: Student Revolt featured in Le Miserables
  • Sparked from economic and social troubles caused in French Revolution
  • Musical Drama and movies based on book
  • Puts emphasis on standing up for beliefs
Do you hear the people sing? - Les Miserables - High res, w/ lyrics