Ernest Hemingway

Jacobi Ishmael

Ernest Hemingway Biography

Ernest Miller Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois on July 21, 1899. His father taught him to hunt and fish while his mother taught him to play cello and sing in the church choir. Ernest Hemingway was a famous fiction writer of the 1920's. He was a reporter for the Kansas City Star and many other news papers. During World War 1, He was in Red Cross and helped many people. He was what is defined as manly: a heavy drinker, a big game hunter, amateur boxer, and a fearless soldier. During his life he wrote many novels, studied under famous authors of his time and lived to make a legend of himself. He died in Ketchum, Idaho on July 2, 1961. He left a legacy for others writers to follow.
Mini BIO - Ernest Hemingway

Questions about the video

1. What did Ernest do for a living?

2. why did Ernest join Red Cross?